Google AdSense requirements

7 Best Google AdSense requirements for your website

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What is Google AdSense

Google AdSense requirements.Google Adsense is a product that gives publishers an avenue to monetize their websites. Google commands more than 80% of the search engine market share on the internet. Thus, google attracts most of the online advertisers due to this dominance. Google AdSense has been around for years, and it has grown in popularity due to its ease of use, as well as how it seamlessly integrates with Google’s other services like YouTube and Gmail,

Google AdSense requirements
Google AdSense requirements


7 best google AdSense requirements.

There are a set of minimum google AdSense requirements for a website to be accepted for the service. Fulfilment of these requirements will lead to approval on a 95% level of confidence. Each of the requirements is listed below:

1. Website domain listing

The domain name and web hosting services are chosen for your website to direct google web crawlers to the right web server. Google team may decide not to grant the service if the perception created by the website domain is negative. The perception given could be criminal, fraud, money laundering, Ponzi schemes etcetera which goes against google’s advertisement policy.

Domain Listing
Domain Listing


The sure bet is to register your WordPress website or any other website name with a top-level domain listing like .org, .com, .net, and .uk, among others.

These top-level domain listings are located high up the hierarchy of the domain name groupings. Search engine crawlers prioritize high-level domain listings when crawling billions of web pages to index them within their webmaster tools.

A higher-level listing comes with the advantage of getting more organic traffic to the website. WordPress website professional users are a notch higher as the website owner can choose a domain name of their liking with a “.com” domain listing

2. Authentic Content

Google search engines will detect and flag down plagiarized pages and posts. Such content usually causes confusion to the site visitors. Articles made up of Authentic content attract organic visitors to the website. Such contents are also alluring, and factual as they are professionally researched and interesting to read. This will help the website rank higher and quickly on the google search engine rankings. The website owner should ensure that the website is registered on all the major search engines i.e., Google, Bing, and yahoo.

Authentic content
Authentic content


Duplicate posts and pages should be avoided on the website or blog. The content on the “about page” should not be repeated on the home page. The same applies to the “contact page.”

Any content that is recycled from other websites, a news feed, talk shows, podcasts, speeches etcetera will be detected by the complex google search console. This will outrightly disqualify the website or blog from the AdSense service.

3. Privacy Policy.

By law, all online businesses are required to disclose to their users how the website utilizes the information gathered while their users surf their web pages. Presently there are many opportunistic people, cartels and syndicates operating online businesses primarily to defraud webpage browsers. Hackers do collect sensitive pieces of information being logged into the website like passwords, phone numbers, biodata, and intellectual property. The site visitor needs to be assured of security while on the web pages and posts. This requirement was informed by debacles like Cambridge Analytica and the Facebook breach of their users’ confidential information.

privacy policy
privacy policy


European Nations sought to regulate how companies should consume their user’s confidential data. These laws have been ratified by big tech companies in Europe and other geographical locations. There could be slight variations in the law at the country level.

Google AdSense service requires that the owner of the website discloses to the users how the information collected by the website will be utilized. All these details should be captured in the “privacy policy statement” of the website. Google AdSense requirements focus on GDPR and The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). The privacy policy statement must be accessible to the visiting website user.

4. Copyright laws adherence

Google AdSense requires all publishers to comply with copyright laws and any other applicable laws. It is not possible for Google to know who owns the copyright of each piece of content on a webpage, so they require all content creators to provide a proof before they can start using Google AdSense. When you sign up for Google AdSense, you agree to the Terms of Service which state that you will not use Google AdSense to collect or distribute copyrighted content.

copyright laws
copyright laws


5. No click baits ads software

The website must not have any clickbait ads software installed.

A click-baits ads software is an application that helps a blogger create click-baits ads. This software has a lot of features that aid a blogger to make the best click-bait ads. Click bait ads software are available for free.

This software can be downloaded by anyone, and it does not require any kind of registration or installation. You just need to download and run the file, then you can use it for free without any problem.

Clickbait Ad software
Clickbait Ad software


For Google to run ads on your website and collect meaningful data and analytics about a certain website, there should be no clickbait add software as this will give false data.

Google requires that you display google ads on the website pages. This can be automated by the google ads deployment wizard. The blogger or website owner can also install the ad code manually in line with google ads policy guidelines

6. Website performance metrics

The website should have articles that are professionally written, with authentic content, not plagiarized, and uniquely owned by the website owner.

Professionally researched and quality content translates to more website organic traffic. The very least for a new website should be about 5000 page views per month.

Search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine results pages (SERPs) frequently crawl the sitemap for the website to index all the content found in the site. Any errors reported on the site will limit the chances of a website being audited with a pass for the google AdSense requirements. Before submitting an approval request to google, it would be prudent to conduct a quick SEO or SERP site audit to identify if there are issues that need to be fixed. There are more than a dozen software services that can do this task. These are All in one SEO, Rank Math, Ubersuggest and Moz applications.

SEO webpages
SEO webpages


When there are several SEO errors noted on the overall site, google may not grant approval. WordPress websites are a good start for newbies as they have most of these issues sorted for their customers

7. Google AdSense (requirements) policy

Google as a company has exclusive product policy requirements that apply to their various set of products. Any party that wants to partner with google on any of their products must read and acknowledge these policy statements before an agreement is reached.

Most times there are cases where there is a union in policy applications for a set of products. For example, the YouTube partner programme and google AdSense share lots of similar policy requirements.

Google strictly enforces these policies. Most often they can hire a third-party company to help with enforcement.

Google policy requirements
Google policy requirements


All illegal activities are banished by this policy. Piracy, dark web dealings, drug & human trafficking, adult content, malware scripts etcetera. Detection of such activities will be outright disapproval of a website for the AdSense service.

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